Art World Astrology

by T. Cuevas


JULY 2017

With the spotlight on the sign of Cancer, our focus shifts to the personal and emotional. Associated with family, our roots, the home and motherhood, this month is perfect for reconnecting with family and healing old emotional wounds and rifts.

Tempers are running high around the world, and this month is no exception. Every sign will have opportunities to get drawn into ego-driven conflicts; however, embracing the mother energy of Cancer and expanding our definition of family to include our community and the world at large, can give us a larger perspective.

This month, art is at its best when it’s personal, emotional and vulnerable. Exploring themes relating to motherhood, childhood and reconciliation with the past can be both fulfilling and personally transformative. Work that expresses and touches on universal emotional needs – like a sense of belonging, the need for a family and a nest to call our own – will be especially important, meaningful and needed.

ARIES march 21 - april 20

Aries artists can use this month to refill their creative well by focusing on their emotions and family relationships. Researching your history could inspire new projects and transformation. It’s time to find a balance between tradition and your own personal values, and you might be ready to break from the past, family traditions or even old generational patterns. Inspiration is extremely high, if you take some alone time to tap into it and tune out the noise of the world. Collectors and gallerists should go over their space and make sure the wiring and computer systems are in tiptop shape – if anything seems off, bring in some help. Balancing the old with the new will be extremely fulfilling and lucrative. Best days for shows and sales around the 26th. Start new creative projects around the 24th.  

TAURUS april 21 - may 20

This is a wonderful time for Taurus artists to work on honoring authentic self-expression. Speaking your truth will be crucial. Writing projects are especially favored this month; as are any projects involving research, public speaking or interviewing. It’s a great time to connect with people and network with a new group. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet and form great relationships with your community and neighbors. Keep your priorities in front of you (literally, put them on paper) as there will be plenty to distract you. There is huge inspiration around the 17th, pay attention to your subconscious. Collectors and gallerists should wait a bit before making big-ticket purchases, as some buyer’s regret could be likely. Wait until after the 24th when you’re very clear on what you want and how you can get it.  

GEMINI may 21- june 20

This is the perfect month for Gemini artists to get very practical and proactive about their finances. If finances aren’t your forte, use this opportunity to learn more and find the help you need. You might have some breakthroughs in thinking that can get you to the next level career-wise and/or open up additional sources of income. Remember that your career path doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. Follow what you know is the right path for you, however unorthodox it seems. You’ll have solid business ideas around the 19th; this would be a great time to seek support from investors or prominent names in your field. Collectors and gallerists should open up to the idea of being a mentor and nurture relationships with younger up-and-comers. Brilliantly innovative ideas come up around the 24th, pay attention to those.  

CANCER june 21- july 20

This month is a powerful one for Cancer artists, who might feel more assertive, focused and more than a little impatient. You might feel tempted to react very emotionally to what others say or do. Take a breath and remember that, ultimately, taking things personally is a choice, not an obligation. There is a huge burst of inspiration and emotion on the full moon of the 9th, as well as the need to create relationships that truly work for you. Use this opportunity to forgive the past and start over on a blank slate. Performances or shows, anything that puts you and your ideas in the limelight would really pay off. This is a great time for collectors and gallerists to revamp marketing or outreach efforts. Their negotiation skills are at their peak. New financial projects could do well if starting on the 24th.


LEO july 21- august 20

This is an excellent time for Leo artists to take a breather and get some distance from everyday life. Take this opportunity to either attend a retreat or create one for yourself. Whatever you do, spending some time in rest and contemplation will do you well. If you feel your sleep is disturbed or there is some anxiety that you can’t quite give a name to, it’s simply the subconscious cleaning itself out in preparation for the new cycle that starts on your birthday. Rituals to give the past some closure would be very helpful. This month is a hugely creative one – especially between the 5th and 10th. Collectors and gallerists can do really well with sales, purchases and events around the end of the month. Stay away from ego-driven pursuits, especially around the 6th. It’s an excellent time for bidding after the 24th.  


VIRGO august 21 - september 20

This month is about establishing connections for Virgo artists. Finding like-minded people, peers and professional associations to join would be very rewarding. Think about connecting globally, expand your horizons and to find commonalities with people who seem very different. More than for any other sign, being of service is essential for Virgos. Seek out opportunities to do that, making time for social issues you’re passionate about will reinvigorate you and give you a sense of purpose. Optimism and productivity are especially high around the 14th. Use this time to brainstorm future plans and revise your goals if needed. Don’t get stuck in old habits. Collectors and gallerists could use the days around then to make deals and host events. Negotiations could do best around the 19th. Inspiration spikes between the 6th and 10th.

LIBRA september 21 - october 20

This can be a great career month for Libra artists. This is a time of increased attention, recognition, and big life decisions. Don’t overthink - listen to your intuition, pay attention to coincidences and signs. Ultimately, remember that any decision is better than no decision at all. Anything that takes you out of the routine and provides you with a real challenge will be a good path. Collectors and gallerists, this is an excellent time to network and meet new people. Pay attention to random conversations that you seem to be drawn into. Some pessimism might come up around the 24th, but it’s temporary. Use this time to take good care of yourself and don’t push yourself past your breaking point. Big ideas between the 14th and 19th. Great business days around the 18th.  

SCORPIO october 21 - november 20

For Scorpio artists, this month is about taking a fresh look at what they do and breaking any stale routines and patterns. Use this time to either travel or plan long-distance trips. If not possible right now, then do some creative traveling – that is, read different books, take classes in new media, visit different galleries (preferably located farther than you usually venture out to) and see works by artists you know nothing about. It is important to channel your energy by challenging yourself, physically and mentally. Collectors and gallerists should expand their horizons. You have the power and determination to overcome any obstacle, don’t let ego get in the way of what could be very productive discussions. Don’t burn bridges. Influx of energy and clarity around the 26th. Inspiration is especially high around the 18th.  

SAGITTARIUS november 21 - december 20

This is a powerful and emotional time for Sagittarius artists, full of opportunities for transformation and a rebirth into a new and more fulfilling stage in their growth. Be willing to break with the old and what is not authentic to who you are anymore, even (or especially) if it’s in your comfort zone. This might involve going deeper and being more vulnerable in work and relationships than you’re usually comfortable being. The payoff, however, is transformative and powerful work that can really speak to who you are. It’s a great time to practice forgiving the past and clearing the way for new or healed relationships. The days around the 18th are great for shows, socializing and putting yourself in the spotlight. These are also great days for gallerists and collectors to do some networking and meet new people. People will be in the spending mood so prepare accordingly. Inspiration is especially high around the 6th.  

CAPRICORN december 21 - january 20

For Capricorn artists, this month is about interdependence. Relationships are paramount right now. Take the time to nurture them, especially with people that have shown they are willing to be there and support you. Take note, however, that getting the support you need might involve loosening the reins and letting go of the desire to control every aspect of a project. Trust that you will be led to exactly the people you need. You might need to re-examine some relationships that are draining you. Business deals and negotiations can be fantastic and productive this month, especially around the 19th. Collectors and gallerists who had been looking for help, partnership or investors, this might be a good time to do it. Inspiration is high around the 15th, and discipline and productivity can increase around the 24th.  

AQUARIUS january 21 - february 20

Aquarian artists can be at their most productive this month and the challenging, detail-intensive projects are best tackled now. You will need to structure your time very carefully to avoid getting your priorities buried by the mundane tasks. Your mind is more structured and practical than ever around the 19th, it’s the perfect opportunity to handle business talks, finances and anything with a lot of fine print. Collectors and gallerists should use those days for negotiations and re-structuring of business plans. If you need administrative help, this is the right time to find it. Offset all the work with a lot of fun, it’ll keep you from being restless. Art fairs, gallery visits, movies, plays – all would help you keep the right balance between productivity and play. Inspiration is especially high around the 9th.

PISCES february 21 - march 20

For Pisces artists, this is a fantastic month for creativity, fun and self-expression. This is a great time for social events, and for finding others who understand your vision and want to collaborate creatively. You might get a burst of inspiration from visiting old childhood homes, or just from spending time near places that bring back memories. However, make sure you don’t romanticize the past and dwell on what might have been. The present has plenty of gifts and opportunities for you. Business might go very, very well for collectors and gallerists; this is the perfect time to attend or host events and bring in new audiences. Creative marketing can come easily now, hire consultants if necessary. Business can do great around the 18th. Inspiration is off the roof between the 15th and 20th.  



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